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Episode Twenty-Eight: Making a Study Of It

Dr. Graham Lau brings the science. His twitter is here.  Instagram here. The Far Stairs brings the music. Bandcamp is here. The Blue Room site is here. Watch the preview here. Zo Murach brings the words.  

Episode Twenty-Seven: The Road Goes Ever On

Ryan Connell talks about his travels. You can find his writing here, and the Gofundme for The Unapologetics tour here. Jenny-Lynn Ellis reads her essay fighting woman. Her blog is here. Bear Brilliant brought the song Good Gawd Golly. Their Facebook is here, and their Bandcamp is here. Lonnie MF Allen reads his comic A …

Episode Twenty-Six: There’s Paint on the Walls

We talk to Adam Lerner from MCA Denver about contemporary art museum’s relationship to street art. We hear a song from Machu Linea Shannon Geis takes a tour of street art in the RiNo district in Denver with Cori Anderson. You can find her Instagram here, her writing at 303 Magazine here and the Street …

Announcement! Late Summer Break!

We’re on a late summer break. We’ll be back at the end of the month of August. Meanwhile, listen to this trailer for the Mile High Hustle. See you soon!

Episode Twenty-Five: Blurring the Digital Analog Line

We talk to the Shadowtrash Tape Group about what they do. We hear a song from Nature called Nootropicalia. We hear a short story from Nate Ragolia called A Companion Piece (performed by Rachel Trignano). You can find Spaceboy Books here, Boned: A collection of skeletal writings here, The Illiterate Badger here, and The Right Corking Adventures …

Episode Twenty-four: Looking at the Stars

We bring you some stories from Jordan Knecht and Daisy Corso recorded at the Denver Zine Fest. The band Marcus Church lent us their song Tonight. Author Jason Heller reads from his book Strange Stars. The music of Podington Bear, Amon Tobin, Glynis Jones, Delia Derbyshire, and Seam was used to score the pieces in …

Episode Twenty-three: Breaking Down and Building Up

Skyler Heck of f-ether breaks down his new track Song Exploder style. Here’s his Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We hear the song Still as Ice. Rachel Trignano tells us a story. You can find more of her work at Write Club.  

Episode Twenty-two: The In Sounds From Way Out

Shannon Geis brings us her piece Run. John Cotter tells us about his hearing. Here’s his Twitter. You can find more of his writing here, here and here. Diablo Montalban shares his audio piece Extreme Danger.  You can find Hypnotic Turtle on Facebook, Etsy, Instagram and Twitter. The music of DASK, Lee Rosevere, and Chris Zabriskie was …

Special Episode: Shut Up and Listen: Live at MCA Denver

This is a special live version of the show! Straight from the cafe of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. Mary McHugh helped out with hosting duties. Kelly Shortandqueer from the Denver Zine Library read a story (with Jake McWilliams). Karl Christian Krumpholz narrated some comics (with Kelly Bearden and friend). See his work in Westword, at twitter, facebook and instagram. …

Episode Twenty-One: Science and Poetry

Dr. Graham Lau brings us a story about science at the edge of the world. His Blog is here and here’s Blue Marble Space. The Far Stairs does their song Figure One.  Here’s their Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter. Joy Sawyer from The Lighthouse Writers Workshop tells us some poems. And the music of …

Episode Twenty: Breathe In, Breathe Out

Shannon Geis brings us a story about Death Cafes. Kevin Richards band Equine brings the song Variation 2 from Camphor Jenny_Lynn Ellis reads her essay The Writing Cat The music of Lee Rosevere, Dana Boule and  Chris Zabriskie was used to score the pieces in today’s show. You can check out their music and much, …

Episode Nineteen: Motiveless Malignity

Talking Serial Killers with Bradford Mudge and Alessandra Ragusin Brad Mudge talks to us about Jack the Ripper’s enduring popularity. Alessandra Ragusin Talks about Monster Theory Find more Ryan Connell Here. Find more Alessandra Here.  

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